Burning Berry Bushes

I know a gardener who once transplanted berry bushes into soil deficient in magnesium. This nutrient is important for the uptake of other nutrients and helps with seed formation. It also enhances the greenness of a plant, in turn, aiding effective photosynthesis [1]. With great desires to care for her berry bushes, the gardener added […]

10 Things to Consider When Having Conversations About Racial Differences

With growing awareness about the racial disparities in our society, many people are wanting to have genuine conversations with their friends about racial differences. Here are 10 things to consider: Regardless of whether this is your first conversation or your 1,000th conversation, there is a lot you might not know about the person you are […]

Tips For Couples In Quarantine

Living through a global pandemic has presented many of us with unexpected situations in every part of our daily lives. For couples, trying to maintain a healthy relationship while spending nearly every day together and managing a work-life balance from home has been a major challenge. Now we are re-entering society slowly, but challenges to […]

5 Relationship Tips During the COVID-19 Pandemic

5 relationship tips for the covid-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we live. People have passed on, been very ill, lost jobs, and dipped into their savings. One of the unforeseen effects of the pandemic has been relationship stress. With many families now urged or ordered to stay home, we’re seeing a lot more of each other, stuck in a […]

Self-Compassion Practices to Cope with COVID-19

self compassion covid 19

Everyone has been affected by the coronavirus in some way. Some people are experiencing more anxiety, others are feeling extreme loneliness, and some are experiencing economic hardships. Dr. Kristen Neff, an associate professor at The University of Texas at Austin, and Dr. Chris Germer, a co-founder of the Center for Mindfulness and Compassion, share 10 […]

Local Telehealth Resources During COVID-19

In response to the need for social distancing and the stay at home order, many of our local mental health professionals have moved their services online. This format allows people to continue to receive the help that they need without having to leave their homes. Below is a list of local practices that are offering […]